Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Me.

So this year I have 3 resolutions:
1) to get toned
2) to get closer to God
3) to declutter my cosmetics, bath and body products

With this I want to focus on decluttering my beauty collection:

I've decided to do so with Project Pan (PP). For those of you who don't know, PP is a way to 'hit pan' or use up beauty products you're sick of or have had in your collection for long periods of time. Generally you'll start out with Project [insert number of products] Pan and use only those products until they are gone. The main thing being you CANNOT buy more of that type of product until the ones you have are gone.

Now, I've seen multiple different ways to go about PP but I will figure out what is best for me!!

For now I'm just trying to go through all my products (and trust me there is A LOT) to figure out which products are the oldest and need to be used up first.
I've going to try my darnest to do at least weekly updates as to my progress as well as little reviews on the products I've used up.
So, wish my luck guys!!
and happy 2015!